Various boring business thoughts

Installed a new mailbox, more to say on that later.  Meanwhile, the old one had a lot of cedar in it.  So, I was messing around and I planed and recut some of it for fun.  Full of bugs.  I suspect the original creators of the holes were some form of wood bee.  LINK.  This would explain the various random bees hanging around the old mail box when I could not figure out why they were doing so.
Three articles on two pages in CIO magazine that caught my attention.  That's not bad.
49% of people buy after clicking on a moble ad.  I don't believe that statistic.  The only way I can see that happening is if a super low percentage of people actually click on those ads and those that do are already close to making a purchase.  

Oracle is pushing more iPad/iPhone reporting capability.  I think the concept of device agnostic information consumption is going to become more and more important, especially with real-time analytics. Providing information to people where they want it, how they want it will make everyone's lives better and hopefully improve decision making.

Collaboration system - wikis, blogs, data repositories.  Always have such a powerful appeal from a theortical perspective but getting people to use them becomes almost impossible. Knowledge management was another term used in the past to describe at least part of this. If we could capture the knowledge and prior work of others, our work  could be easier, faster and better.  This is a very hard one with no easy answers.  It's as much a cultural issue with a company as a technology one.  No, more a cultural one than technology.  The technology is easy, it's getting people to use the technology that is hard.