Weekly travelling rant

Flying back through Dulles last night I got to deal with the G Terminal Clowns again.  You get off your dinky little planes, shuffle back the overstuffed building and then wait around like a herd of cattle to catch the lttle buses back to the main terminal so you can get the heck out of the airport.

Well, tonight, as so often, they were woefully underserving the needs of the travelling hordes.  They had nowhere near enough buses and the nasty little rent-a-goons were in particularly vicious form last night.  After refusing to cram onto one bus that had people practically hanging out of it, I was almost yelled at  to get back into the building to await the next plane. 

The next bus finally came (after about 5 min) and we were ushered onto a bus "to main terminal baggage"...which promptly drove over to the C/D Terminal.  After narrowly avoiding a riot, the bus driver finally got a clue that their bus was loaded with the "wrong" passengers and took us over to the main termal.  I think I know why they have those drivers behind glass and far away from the passengers...they would have to keep replacing them as pasengers would kill them on a frequent basis.

I really dislike Dulles and whoever designed that airport should be beaten with a stick, twice.  If they're dead, they should be dug them up and beaten anyway.