When 200 is cheaper than 90


So, what did they do before?


So, I had an HVAC technician out b/c the AC system was acting a bit wonky. He tested the system and declared the valves in the compressor were going. His recommendation, net new system. Alterative, new compressor ~$3k.

Following week, different company sends out a tech. 10 min later "nope, compressor is fine, but something is wonky". 10 minutes more..."hey...do you have air return filters?

"yes I do".

"Did you know that normally people either have filters at the returns or at the blower unit in the attic. And, you have them in both places."

So, the filter in the attic, which hasn't been changed in 10 years, had collapsed, and was clogging up the coils. So, cleaned that out, learned that there is stuff called 'coil cleaner'.

$200...a lot cheaper than $90.