With issues

Yeah, lunch was challenging yesterday.


I got a haircut last night at a pretty neat barbershop in Miami.  The place is done up in a Victorian parlor style, they offer you a drink when you sit down (like a REAL drink) and they attempt to create an environment that is unique and welcoming. However, it does not live up to its potential. Several of their people did not have clients and were sitting around gossiping and generally ruining the mood.

I think they need to ensure that their employees understand the concept of 'being on stage'.  In this barbershop, if you're out on the floor, you are on stage. You are not there to talk about your weekend parties with your co workers, or gossip about the medical procedures your neighbor is going through. It really ruins the attempts the other workers are putting forth to create the experience this place is going for.

I think this is really what good service is about...when the client is there, focus solely on them. Keep you personal stuff behind the 'employees only' door.  Otherwise, don't expect me to be thrilled about your service.

Generally, I am finding that customer service in Miami is lacking.