yeah, random

Windy this past weekend, which makes fishing in big water in a small boat a bad idea.  So, played in the garage all weekend.  Decided to make some bookshelves and a simple coffee table.  Bought a new saw from a German company Festool.  Wow, even I can make decent cuts now.  Haven't done any assembly yet so we'll see if I managed to measure any parts properly.

Early forecast calls for more bad weather this upcoming weekend.  i just got the boat back from the mechanic...can I please have some good weather so I can go fishing?


I was looking at to see if there is anything useful it offfers.  The promise is to connect all the various online sources of information about your contacts.  So, I signed up, as soon as I found out that to start I'd have to go figure out how to download stuff from my accounts at places like LinkedIN, then import them...blah blah blah...I gave up.  I don't see the value.


Sent messages again to my gov't officials to allow interstate shipping of wine in Maryland.  It really irks me that I can't order wine.  Free the Grapes makes it easy and I fill out their offered form letters every few months.


The bird is a parrot at Petsmart.  Curious little bugger.